Let the kids power up their engineering skills at a variety of LEGO camps being offered at The Woodlands Township Recreation Center this summer.

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Jedi Master Engineering with LEGO®: The force awakens in the advanced engineering course for your Jedi! Discover key engineering concepts such as gear trains, work drives, pneumatics, and eccentric motion. Build LEGO X-Wings, AT-AT walkers, pod racers, star destroyers, cloud cities, settlements, fortresses and other complex machines and structures from a galaxy far, far away.

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Pre-K LEGO® Engineering I: Uses LEGO and K’NEX educational kits to build math and science skills. Students will build simple machines that really work, using gears, levers and pulleys, while building fine motor skills, sequential thinking skills, problem solving skills and confidence. Project include: cars, tops, merry go rounds, drills, mixers, cranes, conveyor, belts, and more. We are not just building… we are BUILDING BRAINS!

Elementary LEGO® Engineering II: Learn to build simple machines using gears, levers and pulleys and then motorize these machines using LEGO and K’NEX educational kits and curriculum while building math and science skills. Each day we will build several new simple machines and conduct experiments to see how well they perform. Written engineering curriculum reinforces the classroom curriculum with hands on education. Students will understand why a machine works and will learn how to manipulate a machine to go faster or slower. Fine motor skills, critical thinking skills; imagination and confidence will increase in this fun-filled class. Our kids are under construction!

 LEGO® Engineering III – Intro to Robotics: Camper will expand on their engineering skills learned in LEGO II by building simple machines, and then learn basic programming. This class will teach beginning programming principles, which lead to robotics. Each simple machine we build will be programmed to perform a function such as lighting, sounds, songs and motion. Each class is progressive and builds on the other. *Best to have taken LEGO Engineering II first.

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LEGO® Logo: Lego Logo will bring your child into a creative and engineering environment that will develop him/her into a little technician! Hands-on construction is learned and executed with our special and unique Lego Logo kits not found in stores. With our certified educator and detailed technical plans; your child will learn how to build robots, racecars, four-by-four, cranes, pulleys, levers and much more. Your child will participate in an energized week of discovery, motivated by creativity, fun and success. The young builder will expand his/her knowledge in math, science and technology in an exploratory cooperative environment.

LEGO® Mania: No builder can say “Lego my Lego!” when engaged in the creative activities of LEGO MANIA! “Zillions” of pieces ensure that there are always enough LEGOs for everyone! This innovative program for LEGO buffs provides opportunities for imagination and hands-on learning under the guidance of a certified educator. Over 15 new games, projects, and activities not found in stores, will be planned and engineered. Enrichment in the areas of personal creativity, following instructions, eye-hand coordination, problem solving, critical thinking and learning will be experienced as your child has the opportunity to construct dinosaurs, rockets, castles, airplanes, forts, cars and much more.

Ikids Camps Banner LEGO® Tech USA: Travel on an all-American road trip through LEGO USA, and explore some of America’s favorite things, such as cars, sports, and space! Have fun with LEGO building from simple machines to basic robotics for each road stop and tourist attraction. Participate in map activities, technology discovery, creative play and more. Build your vehicle and let’s go!

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Jr Makers LEGO® WeDo: Discover how a wind-up toy works and design your own drawing robot. You will invent new machines, bring your creations to life with littleBits electronic building blocks, and explore creative design solutions using the Engineering Design Process. Reflective thinking and problem solving skills are enhanced through these FUN, age-appropriate, inquiry-based, hands-on, STEM related projects.

Advanced  LEGO® WeDo Robotics: Designed for students who have attended Introduction to LEGO WeDo Robotics Camp, campers will explore more advanced LEGO WeDo concepts. Students will develop more complex models, such as a tower crane, an intelligent house, a Ferris wheel, and a car. Prerequisite: Introduction to LEGO WeDo Robotics or equivalent experience.


Register for a Program One of Three Ways:

  1. Online.

  2. Over the phone by calling 281-210-3950.

  3. In person by visiting The Woodlands Township Recreation Center.