The Young Rembrandts’ method focuses on teaching children to draw, using demonstration and a structured step-by-step process. Through the process of weekly instruction students are exposed to a wide variety of subject matter, artistic concepts, art history and mastery of their materials.

Art has special significance to visual learners, not because they will grow up to be professional artists, but because it is a visual, tactile medium that meets children in their learning need. Young Rembrandts brings even more value to the visual learner, by intentionally using art to develop learning skills that are essential to all young children.

Young Rembrandts uses a unique curriculum that engages both sides of the brain so all children can participate and learn successfully. Using left and right brain strategies while teaching also helps growing children develop both sides of their brain, at a critical time in their development, resulting in whole brain learning.

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Young Rembrandts Drawing

In each week’s new exciting (and kid-tested!) lesson, we use a step-by-step method that assures every student is a creative success. As we learn and use technical drawing skills, we discover that all complex objects can be broken down into familiar shapes; then use problem solving skills, innovation, and imagination to put them all together into eye-popping masterpieces! And yes, we have fun too.

Ages: 3 1/2 – 5 year olds

Location: The Woodlands Recreation Center

Day/Time: Thursdays at 10:15-11 a.m.

Price: $65 Resident, $75 Non-Resident per month